IE Concepts Information

Facilities Layout

When considering the layout of the park, you must think about several factors, including customer satisfaction and profitability.  If you need additional information, check out the slideshare that discusses amusement parks and success factors.

Queuing Structure

In your theme park, a common queue setting is the line for riding any attraction.   You must consider the following when discussing queue structure: arrival process, service mechanism (time on the ride), and queue characteristics – article about queue structure.  

Additional sites:  Waiting line models, Talk: Queue Lines, Queuing Theory, More Queuing Theory with math explained

Be careful about googling RCT queue lines.  These sites usually don’t explain the math, which is what you are receiving your score on.

Personnel Management

For this section, you need to explain what personnel you chose to hire.  Did you assign them to specific tasks if the chosen game allows this?  How many workers did you hire? Why?   Also, in some games you can train, discipline, and change salaries of your personnel.  Discuss all of this in detail.


Explain how you maximized the profitability of your park.  You must use data from the game to support your claim!  Screenshots would be a great way to provide evidence in your presentation, but you still need to talk about the decisions that were made to increase profits.  The following resource provides additional information that might help you determine the profitability of your theme park – What is the best way to calculate profitability for startups?  

Satisfaction Ratings

Explain how you were able to achieve high customer satisfaction ratings, high park ratings, etc.  If a decision caused your ratings to drop, discuss why and tell what you did to fix this problem.

Judging Criteria

Be sure to read the scoring rubric.  It is very important to give rationales for your decisions as you discuss each of the required topics!